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"Everything was transparent and explained very well. Anna Lee really took care throughout the whole process. Their service was great in contrast to other agencies." 

— Intended Fathers

"We really appreciated all the help in our journey to parenthood. Although we never met in person, it felt as if you guys were always there for us. Your communication was the best we've experienced - we were kept up to date on how things were going and what the next step should be, and your responses to our questions were always very detailed and clear. We would not hesitate to recommend your agency to our friends!

Wishing you a happy and successful coming year (helping many more with their journey!)"

— Intended Fathers

"It was a wonderful experience working with Alternative Conceptions Today. They are trustworthy and responsible."

— DB (Intended Father - China)

"I've had some really bad experiences working with other ED agencies and donors, so I must say I really appreciate how good you've been to work with. As you know, it's a big business for a lot of places and that can leave a really bad taste for a lot of would-be parents. It doesn't have to be that way, and you guys really proved it!"

— Intended Father

"Working with Alternative Conceptions Today was so wonderful. Every interaction was thoughtful and kind. During these especially difficult times in our fertility journey, having the support of ACT was very reassuring."

— Intended Mother

"I can't say enough about how amazing Anna Lee and Carrie have been to work with! The reason I kept coming back to do donation cycles was because of the intended parents and their desire for children, but also because I knew that working with this agency was going to be so easy and I would be so well taken care of. I felt that they genuinely cared for me and offered so much help along the way throughout my cycles!"

— Egg Donor 

"Thank you Carrie and Anna Lee for all your help! We appreciate your efficiency and professional service that you’ve provided!"

— Intended Mother

"I really appreciate how friendly, knowlegable and professional your company is. I felt totally secure with you guys and really enjoyed working together. You made a stressful process as enjoyable as possible. Thanks so much for all of your help and support!"

— R.V., Intended Mother

"Overall, I had a great experience with my egg donation process. I felt comfortable knowing I could text or call Carrie, Anna Lee, or the doctor at any time during the process."

— Egg Donor 

"I wanted to thank you for your service in this process. I was very happy with how you kept on top of everything with the donor and the entire process. Just wanted to let you know we were very satisfied with your agency, and you can definitely use us as a reference with other couples."

— Intended Mother

"I absolutely LOVE Alternative Conceptions! I applied to 6-8 different agencies in December and Alternative Conceptions was by far the best agency. None of the agencies gave me the personal, genuine customer service and care ACT was able to offer. Anna Lee stayed in contact with me when I was waiting to be matched, reaching out just to see how I was doing. Because my experience with this agency was so personal I felt that I wasn't just selling me eggs, but part of a process that was beautiful and positive. This agency always made me feel comfortable, which established a strong reciprocal trust."

— Egg Donor 

"Carrie Honigblum was so wonderful to work with, as always. She constantly checked in with me post-retrieval and I felt like she truly cared. She was so accommodating throughout the whole cycle and so effective at communicating with me, the clinic, and the law offices. Anna-Lee and Carrie are such sweethearts and made me, as a donor, feel so appreciated."

— Egg Donor 

"My donor is like a secret sister goddess for me in my life!! I send her love. 

I envision these eggs we have cultivated with her will bring a beautiful life to this world. We all will have played a role in their conception; hope,  persistance, and modern science.  I truly look forward to being a mother to this special soul."

— Intended Mother

"I had the most pleasant time working with this Alternative Conceptions Today. Two incredible women who are fully supportive and protective over their donors."

— Egg Donor 

"I always felt so comfortable and confident working with Carrie.  I knew she was always there for me to answer any questions or concerns in an extremely timely manner.  She was a fabulous intermediary between me and my donor.  She made me feel like I was a very important client but also someone that she personally wanted to help achieve the dream of an expanding family. 
We are thrilled to be expecting the delivery of our twin girls in a few weeks.  I would highly recommend your agency, and Carrie, to anyone looking for the assistance of an egg donor."

— J.F. (Intended Parent)

"Donor eggs were the smartest decision I ever made in my life! I am so blessed and grateful to Alternative Conceptions for guiding me through the entire process. I am a lucky lucky lady."

— A.J. (Intended Parent- Mississippi) 

"The professionalism and caring of the entire Alternative Conceptions team is absolutely wonderful. The experience from the beginning through the birth of our twins was a great one!"

— K.O. (Intended Parent- California)

“I thought my search for an appropriate donor was going to be the most difficult task I’d ever undertaken. I was so surprised that instead it was a straightforward and seamless process. Alternative Conceptions handled everything so professionally and sensitively. I felt that my needs were listened to and understood from the very beginning and I found the most wonderful donor who helped me fulfill my dream of becoming a Mother.  I have two healthy, happy and energetic twin boys thanks to her generosity and to Alternative Conceptions for making it happen.” 

— F.G. (Intended Parent)

"This is the second time I have used your agency for an egg donor cycle. My case manager not only made me feel like I was a very important client but also someone that she personally wanted to help achieve the dream of an expanding family. We are thrilled to be expecting the delivery of our twin girls. I would highly recommend Alternative Conceptions."
— J.F. (Intended Parent)

"We just wanted to thank you so much for all your help and guidance through this exciting process. You have been with us from the very beginning and we have always felt that you have gone above and beyond for us. Again, we thank you so much for all you have done."
— N&R - CA (Intended Parent)

"Our donor was a doll. Although we never met she was very responsible and gave us a lot of eggs. I am currently pregnant with one of her egg donations."
— H&J - NY (Intended Parent)

"Thank you for your help and support in helping us find a donor. We were blessed with 2 beautiful babies last June!"
— The R. family - CA (Intended Parent)

"You have been most helpful in dealing with our situation. We appreciate what you have done and please remember us in your prayers."
— R&J - CA (Intended Parent)

"Our donor was wonderful and very responsible. We have several attempts at the process due to her dedication & commitment to the cycle."
— F&J - CA (Intended Parent)

"What we all went through together will remain indelibly etched in my memory. Thank you so much!"
— V&G - CA (Intended Parent)

"Your Case Manager made sure to check in with me every week. If I sent her an email, I had a response the same day, usually within the hour! If I needed her to send me paperwork, it was in the mail the very next day. I have really enjoyed donating for A.C. this year!"
— A. - OR (Intended Parent)

"You have been so pleasant and helpful during this process. We really appreciate your kindness and all of your informative phone calls that you have given us this past year."
— W&M - IL (Intended Parent)