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Our egg donor agency provides quality support to hopeful parents who require donor eggs. There are close to 15,000 egg donation cycles per year in the United States, making this option more commonplace for women faced with fertility challenges, same sex male couples, or single men. 

We offer premium donors

Our extensive egg donor database allows you to select the ideal match for your needs, and only includes carefully vetted donors. You can rest assured that only the best candidates become donors as we meet with every woman accepted to our program, and provide her with complete information about the egg donation process, explaining any risks or complications that could occur.

• Thorough screening. Once a Match is confirmed with your chosen donor, she will go through comprehensive legal, medical and psychological counseling, in addition to screening for genetic and physical health abnormalities, and sexually transmitted diseases before beginning the egg donation cycle.

• Variety of options. We understand the desire of hopeful parents who are using donor eggs to select a donor that is similar in appearance and background to themselves, and strive to offer a wide variety of options. 

• Anonymity. Usually the donation is anonymous, although you will know the donor by her first name and have pictures of her, as well as a profile. There may be situations where you would want to meet your donor. In such cases, if the donor is willing, our egg donor agency will arrange a meeting. 

Using donor eggs is an exciting option as it gives at least a 60-70% chance of a positive pregnancy.










Next steps in selecting your ideal egg donor

If you have decided to use donor eggs, our knowledgeable and compassionate egg donor specialists will walk you through the next steps.   

• First, you will fill out the simple Future Parent Registration Form to request log in credentials to view our egg donor database. You can then browse the donor profiles.

• As you look through the profiles, you’ll be able to view photos, and look over information about a donor’s education, ethnicity, interests, personality, physical appearance, and more. If you have questions about a particular donor, our staff will be happy to offer support. 

• When you have selected an egg donor and confirmed a Match, the donor will begin psychological, genetic, and medical screening. Once the egg donor has been medically cleared by your fertility doctor she will begin the egg donation cycle after the legal contract has been signed. 

• Your point of contact at our egg donor agency will keep you informed of the donor's progress throughout the cycle and will facilitate your payments for the psychological, genetic, and legal services for the Donor through an escrow account. We are available for support, supervision and communication throughout this process, and assist the donor as she fulfills all her responsibilities.

We are honored to support you on your journey of utilizing donor eggs, and taking home a healthy baby.  

Begin your journey to parenthood, by completing the Future Parent Registration Form. When we receive your application we will give you the current username and password for the Donor Database.


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