Choosing to Become an Egg Donor

Choosing to donate eggs is a serious decision that every woman must make for herself. It is a demanding commitment that not only affects the egg donor’s life but the lives of the Intended Parents who will be receiving her eggs. If the egg donor chooses to donate her eggs for primarily altruistic reasons the joy that she can gain and give during the experience is priceless. If the donation cycle results in pregnancy the donor is helping to create life and give someone the chance of becoming a parent. The possible donor must do some serious soul searching about how she feels about her DNA being part of a human being that she will more than likely never know.

Some women view the donation of their eggs as purely biological. They do not see it as a highly emotional decision and are able to go through the donation cycle without much emotional turmoil. But, even if a women feels somewhat emotionally detached from her eggs she still needs to consider the physical demands that the donation cycle will have on her and the emotional effects that the medications may cause. The possible donor must consider how she feels about giving herself daily injections, taking any supplements the IVF doctor may require, going into an IVF clinic for regular monitoring, and eventually going in for the egg retrieval. The possible donor also needs to consider whether or not she is willing to go through the potential emotional effects the IVF medications may have on her. Some of the medications required during the donation cycle may cause an increase in emotional sensitivity, which should diminish when the woman is no longer on IVF medications. This process can be a beautifully fulfilling experience but the possible donor must make sure that she can be fully committed to the entire process before she enters into a contract with the Intended Parents.

There are also women who view the decision to donate as highly emotional. They view their eggs as a very intimate part of who they are emotionally and physically. When a woman has this emotional view of the egg donation process she needs to do a fair amount of soul searching before entering into a cycle. A possible donor must think hard about how she feels about a child being in the world with half her DNA that she will probably never meet. The choice to donate can be emotional in a powerfully positive way. Donating eggs could potentially cause the creation of life and give someone the chance of being a parent. This could give a donor immense pride and satisfaction in her decision to donate.

There are obviously many different ways to look at the decision to donate eggs but each woman needs to make the choice for her self. It’s important to consult with friends, family, and IVF professionals when making the decision but the ultimate choice lies with the donor. Using soul searching techniques like journaling, mediating, exercising, or any channel that helps clear the mind will aid the possible donor in making the best decision for whether or not she can fully commit to donating.