Baby Book



Our latest summer bundle


Our first ACT Miracle of 2020!


Our newest little rockstar!


Another Christmas Miracle! 


Brand New Baby Boy - A Decade in the Making!


ACT Brothers Out For A Stroll


Another Beautiful Blessing


This Miracle Just Hours Old!


Our Newest Beautiful Baby Boy!



A little girl who's the spitting image of her (non donor egg) brother!


A New Pair of Cherubs


A Little Midwestern Miracle!


Our Latest Summer Bundle of Joy


Best Mother's Day Present Ever!



ACT's Spring Miracle


Our Latest Twins!


Holiday Twins from Belgium!


A New Pair of ACT Twins! 


A Little Beauty 


ACT's First Set of Triplets!


From Hollywood, an ACT Miracle!


Infants to Toddler From Down Under!


ACT Spring Blessings


Another Little Sweetheart


A Little Darling and Her Puppy


Two New Little Strawberry Twins!


An ACT Cherub!


Southern California Angel


Another Success Story from Alternative Conceptions! 


A New Little One from Norway!


"She is proof of a dream come true! And we are so happy to be her parents for the rest of our lives!"